Postcard from Shrewsbury

This postcard was originally sent at Easter time 2009!

When you think about England during Shakespeare's lifetime, you probably have a very distinct image in yiour head. It will include timber-framed houses in Tudor-Style, of which the upper floors lean into the street; towns, in which the river provides the livelihood for many of the residents and market places which are surrounded by churches and imposing structures. Whether you know it or not, you're thinking about Shrewsbury!

The city centre has almost entirely been kept in Tudor style and the city is surrounded on three sides by the river Severn. All the old pubs offer local specialties and locally brewed beer as well as a place to reflect on your trip to Shrewsbury. Many of the old alleys and back yards are still there, and you have the feeling that a horse-drawn carrige is waiting just around the corner!

A trip to Shrewsbury really feels like a trip back in time!

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