The "King" is dead!

It was strange sitting up last night watching the news. I was just zapping through the programmes, until I stopped at CNN's Breaking News: Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop, has died!

At first, it was said that Michael was comatose but later fears were confirmed that he passed away. He had been in Los Angeles since May, preparing for his comeback tour which was supposed to start in London in July. He was declared dead on Thursday afternoon at 2.26pm local time in L.A. Michael Jackson was only 50 years old.

Most people in Germany learned of his passing while they were sat at the breakfast-table or driving to work. It was strange going through town. Michael's albums sold like never before. As if they are not going to be for sale for much longer! People on TV crying as if they lost a close family member.
Maybe, in a way, they have. Although I've never been an outspoken Michael Jackson fan, I knew his songs. A whole generation grew up with his music! "Thriller", "Beat it", "Billie Jean"... all songs most of us know the words to by heart. Some learned the moon walk, some got the red jacket from "Beat it". Everyone knows his name.

What exactly happened on his Neverland Ranch, and whether he was a child molester (as he had been accused twice) will probably never be fully solved. But even though the media slated him, his fans still supported him, maybe more than ever. It's sad that he passed - the official autopsy report is still outstanding, but cardiac arrest is rumoured as cause of death - but in a way, it's been quiet around him for a while. He kept to himself, hardly ever showed in public, wore masks. I was looking forward to his comeback tour, though. But then again, I doubt the 50-year-old Michael Jackson would have been the Michael everyone remembered from the 80's and was longing to see.
Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009
"The King of Pop"

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