Lady Liberty's Crown

The New York icon will allow "all access" again.

Ever since 9/11, the crown on Lady Liberty's head had been off-limits for everyone. The US deemed it too dangerous, in fear of another terrorist attack. However, after careful planning, the narrow crown will open again for the public on Independence Day, July 4th.

It's what most tourists to New york have been waiting for, for nearly eight years. 22 floors above the ground, the tiny, narrow and warm room can only be reached over one spiral staircase - and 354 steps. The 25 windows overlook the New York harbour. However, if you're daring enough to lean forward a little and look to your left, you can even see a bit of the famous skyline. 10 people fit into the room, and it's not an ideal attraction for claustrophobic people, or those afraid of heights. The only way into the crown is via two intertwined iron staircases. in a case of emergency, people wouldn't be able to get out in time. Once you started your ascent or descent, there was no way back.

Although some rangers are not sure whether the crown was ever inteded to be a visitor deck, numbers of people admitted into Lady Liberty's head will be limited. Before it was closed in 2001, over a hundred people tried to get up there at once on a regular basis.

From July 4th onwards, tourists have to apply online - and groups of ten are picked at random. This is to ensure, that the visitors have a great experience on the Statue of Liberty.

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