Postcard from Blackpool

This postcard was originally sent at Easter 2009!

Blackpool has always been a British holiday hot spot and still is! Famous for Pleasure Beach and its massive roller coaster right on the shore, Blackpool has become a synonym for stag and hen night fun! I remember, in Year 5 when i properly started to learn English, one of the first places we talked about was Blackpool and it's roller coaster... how weird.

Blackpool's other landmark is undoubtly Blackpool Tower. The iron structure "looks like the Eiffel Tower", the Brits say, but really, it doesn't. Well, it's a tower, and it's made of iron, but that's where the similarities end. The Victorian building at the foot of the tower houses a circus, a restaurant and offers fun for all the family on several floors.

Tourists who aren't afraid of heights can climb high up into the top of the tower. Next to a covered observation deck, you can also reach two more outdoor floors via iron spiral staircases.

The observation deck includes the "Walk of Faith" - the floor in one corner has been replaced with thick glass. And you can even send postcards from up there! There's a post office which will stamp your cards and letter "Sent from the top of Blackpool Tower".

Blackpool has a total of three piers, all of which have different things to offer. When you arrive by train, the closest pier is North Pier. Stroll along, have a coffee or an ice cream. This pier is the one to go to to relax. Central Pier has shops, a game arcade and a ferris wheel. South Pier is probably the most famous one as it houses a theme park and is located opposite Pleasure Beach.

Unique is Blackpool's tram network. Most trams run between the piers and include double-decker carriages. If you had enough of the beach, roller coasters and heights (and you know how to dance), why not take part in the afternoon dance at the Tower Ballroom? The world-famous ballroom is open to the public daily, and many come there for some boogie woogie. Many practice there for competitions, other dance just for fun, but everyone can join in!

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