Tourist magnet collapsed in Australia

The famous Island Archway along Australia's Great Ocean Road collapsed today. The 25m high stone formation was part of the Twelve Apostles coast line. All that's left are too stone needles, the rest of the arch crashed into the sea.
A helicopter pilot spotted the broken archway early this morning. He notified the park rangers at Port Campbell National Park. "There was a lot of dirt in the water. The arch is gone, now we've got two islands instead", said Ranger Natasha Johnson. The formation, as well as the famous Twelve Apostles, is made out of very soft stone. Constant water and wind fasten erosion. The entire coastline is always changing, due to the stones eroding away. It shows how "dynamic" the coast is. Once the stone hits the water, it dissolves like sugar.

Although the rangers are sad about the collapse, they also admire the show of strength on nature's part. Island Archway will probably keep its name. However, they already plan to put up a board that explains why two stone needles are called "archway".

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