Stressed, much?

Well, it's been quite a busy day, really.

In the morning, we worked on our magazine "Write On" for the Words by the Water festival in Keswick. I've just sent off the last email interview for it. For my stories (and by the looks of the flatplan, a whole page is attributed to my articles) I 'm interviewing travel writers Kapka Kassabova and Vesna Maric, who each just published a memoir. "Street without a name" recounts Kapka's teenage years in communist Bulgaria, while "Bluebird" is Vesna's memoir of her childhood in Bosnia during the war and how she became a refugee in the UK. I'm still reading through the books, but the reviews will follow on here in a little while.

Then my daily dealings with BT continued. We have been without the internet for over a week now. We should have been switched back on, Friday 6am, but our rooter is dead and not receiving or sending any signals anymore. I've called BT several times about it and filed a complaint yesterday and suddenly they call me and we'll get a new rooter by Thursday.... talk about pressing the right buttons....

On my way home through town, I had to sort out all my money (it's that time of the month) and the queue was endlessly long! However, later when I went to Zavvi's I noticed that they are clearing out! Everything is 25% off the marked price and the marked prices are already discounted! I couldn't help myself. Bought 4 Sex and the City Season box sets and 1 CSI NY one for less than a 10er each! Talk about a bargain!

I'm currently at Fusehill Street Campus, in the 24/7 Computer room. It's getting annoying, having to walk over to uni just to check emails. But I had to check the pick-up location for the rental car tomorrow (oh gosh.... I haven't driven in left-hand traffic and manual cars for aaaaaaages!!!) which by the way is somewhere completely different from where the company says it is; sent those email interviews off, get directions for the roadtrip etc.

Now home for a shower and my nice, warm fleece blanket... it's still freezing out there, but yesterday's snow has completely disappeared again and the sun rays seem to get warmer! Spring's around the corner!

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