Second best?? You've gotta be kidding!!

Here's an article on Informer Online about us. Well, at least the Journalism course. Apparently, this is the second best Journalism course in the country...

Good news for journalists

The University of Cumbria’s undergraduate journalism course has been recognised as one of the best in the country.

The BA (Hons) Journalism course has been placed second in the recently published league tables from the National Council for the Training of Journalists. It was pipped at the post by the University of Sheffield.

Students on the 2005/8 course scored well in the NCTJ’s preliminary exams in law, news writing, public affairs and shorthand - widely regarded by many recruiting editors as the essential qualifications for anyone hoping to get their all-important first job in a multimedia newsroom.

The NCTJ, who accredit the Carlisle-based course, points out that the results tables contain useful, factual information that may assist potential students in their decision-making when selecting a course.

Course leader Tony Randall said he was delighted with the result. “This is a tribute to the efforts of the teaching team and the quality and commitment of the students. Results like this show why so many of our students go on to secure excellent jobs in the media.”

I had a good laugh, reading this. Honestly, if we're second best, how bad are the other courses?? I for one don't really think I'm getting my money's worth out of it.

Our newspaper (which looks like a red-top paper and therefore like a tabloid - honestly, the only thing missing is a half-naked girl on page 3) comes out every couple of weeks (while other universities manage to publish weekly), our website is basically a really stupid blog which hasn't been updated since December 2008 and the teaching is a joke most of the time.

I mean - I learned how to read and write a long time ago. And we're always told to do things a certain way, but are never shown how to do it in the first place. Our use of multimedia is a joke up till now and I don't think it will improve until we graduate.

Although we are told we're having a say in especially I.O.'s looks, it doesn't matter what we want if nobody can be bothered to go and change it to what we've actually agreed on. So once again: If we're second best, how much worse are the other courses in the UK??

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