One of those days...

Who hasn't had "one of those days"?

It starts with not being able to fall asleep at night - you just toss and turn till your alarm clock says 7 o'clock and there's no use trying to shut your eyes again. You get up and don't even attempt to make coffee... the coke you try to down instead gives you a proper headrush and leaves you with a major headache.

You go to uni, but you're not quite sure how you managed to cross the park. You feel, and probably look, like a zombie. Of course, the computer you choose for the day's work is the slowest of the bunch. There is just enough lose change in your pocket to buy some breakfast. You go for the Bacon Roll greasy goodness (it does feel like a hangover, after all, doesn't it - though you haven't been drinking) and another bottle of coke. You've gotta wake up sometime, you figure. So you tuck into your food, just to find that the nice lady gave you the two most burned slices of bacon she could find. Thanks. And you spill some coke on your scarf, but luckily nobody was watching.

It's your turn to get feedback on an assessment you handed in before Christmas. You know you're shite at html (although you're the webmaster for the magazine you're creating) but you believe you did an alright job, considering you were ill (and out of the country to get treatment)for the entire length of the module and taught yourself online how to fullfil requirements. That's when your teacher turns around, says that he didn't get your sick note and that to him, you're just a lazy arse and then he goes and rips your work apart - you've failed miserably.

Feeling just slightly suicidal, you try to get money out of the ATM at uni to buy a chocolate bar - endorphins or "joy hormons" are just what you need, right? Well, because you had to book train tickets for your sister the night before, you've gone into your non-existent overdraft and can't get money out. So you try your other card - and realise you forgot your PIN. What to do? Bang your head against the wall? Buy alcohol ("Me and my best friend, Johnny Walker")? - You can't, you're broke. The person you want to hug is 200 miles away. Tough. Go figure.

Your half-hearted attempt of doing some work on the magazine comes to a standstill when your computer freezes on you. Then again, all you did was click buttons and icons randomly to see what they do. Though you like to think you're quite smart on the odd occasion (and your friends constantly take the piss out of you for being too organised as part of your - what shall we call it - "cultural upbringing"), your brain just isn't up for the challenge. It's obvious that the day isn't going anywhere. So you make your way home.

Although you know that half the public path in the park consists of puddles you take the chance. You nearly slip on the mud, manage to keep yourself upright, though. That's when you step into the puddle you tried to avoid in the first place and get your feet soaking wet as your shoes are not waterproof. For the rest of the way home your shoes make this weird squishy noise and dogs look at you funny, thinking you're a toy or that you've got a toy in your hand, at least.

Home. Safe harbour. Nearly there! Outside your door, you notice that the pocket in your coat has a hole in it... your keys are stuck between the inner and outer layer of your coat. Finally inside, you almost fall up the stairs. Almost! Oh yeah, and you'd better find a few coins as you're running dangerously low on toilet paper.

To be honest, I've had better days! I'm home now, and will curl up on my bed, try and do some work. First I might abuse my pillow as a substitute voodoo doll though, and just pretend it's a certain I.T. "whiz"....

If anyone needs me, I'll be in bed - at least nothing can happen there!
(Unless of course my framed poster decides to come crushing down, which would be - well - just perfect, I guess...)

But on a happier note: Author Kapka Kassabova has just agreed to meet me next Monday to have a coffee with me and a chat about being a travel journalist. A silver lining after all!

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