Review: Brick up the Mersey Tunnels

A wrong postcode started it all. Instead of a Cheshire postcode, a letter to the Wirral contained a Merseyside postcode. And it all went down from there.

Anyone hailing from Merseyside, or indeed the Wirral, will know that the tunnels running underneath the Mersey are the lifeline for the Wirral peninsula. Commuters travel to and from work in both directions each day. However, the self-proclaimed upper class on the other side of the river looks down on Liverpool as being below their aquired standards- and the Scouses had enough!

That's the setting for Dave Kirby and Nick Allt's show Brick up the Mersey Tunnels, in which three lads from Liverpool have had enough of being regarded as lower class. To show every Wirralian how dependent they are on Liverpool, a three men scouse terrorist group, known as the Kingsway Three, decides to cut the peninsula's feeding tube.

Although it helps to be from Merseyside - as understanding all the cultural references and, of course, the accent - anyone will be able to enjoy this amazingly funny night out. The two rival regions, portrayed as a Wirral mansion and a greasy spoon on Dock Road keep bad-mouthing each other, without taking themselves too serious either. It is this ability to take your own faults and laugh about them, that makes this play truly brilliant. Mix this with new lyrics to well-known songs and a singing and dancing cast and you've got a great modern show coming out of Liverpool.

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