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I'm currently contemplating whether I should get mobile broadband for my last year at university.

See, the problem is: We've had internet at the house before. Which went wrong big time! It took us ages to decide on a deal, and somewhere in the process, there was a screw-up. Suddenly we were charged two landlines, plus the internet. And the person who's name the account was in decided to collect the money but not pay the bills for a year. Which we only found out about when they cut us off. The the rooter broke and it took us ages to get reconnected - only for the contract to run out 2 weeks later. Great! Especially since the two journalists in the house need the internet on a regular basis.

People said they wouldn't contribute to the bill as they are not using the phone or internet. However, my take on things is: They CAN use it when they need it, that's what we have it for. Therefore, they should pay for it too.

But to save me all that hassle, I'm gonna get my own broadband, won't need a phone line and won't have to chase after anyone to get their share of the bill. I can also take it with me on travels or to uni and work on my laptop wherever I am. And I reckon, there are some good deals around out there, so it's not really that much more expensive, if you take the cost for line rental and downloads into consideration. Since I'll be in my third and final year at university from September onwards, and working on final projects, my dissertation and the usual studies, I'll need a constant access to the internet. It's also my lifeline home to Germany.

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