Denglish, Chinglish, Spanglish....

We've probably all come across some weird and wonderful translations while on holiday.

Be it: "All passengers with luggage, including Canada...", or "If you are stolen, call police at once", they all have one thing in common. The person trusted to translate the signs has no grasp of English language and grammar. The same goes for German as well though. "Sehr gehorte Besucher", as seen on a famous Budapest landmark...

The city of Shanghai has had enough now. Many English-speaking tourists are amused by the amount of "Chinglish", they have to read on a daily basis. Signs like "Please bump your head carefully" or "Keep valuables snugly" are common in hotels. Expecting millions of tourists to descent on the city for the World Expo fair, they have now come up with a plan. Student volunteers will check all the signs in the city. When they suspect Chinglish, they have to notify the government, and the person who translated it will have to correct the sign.

Most often these mistakes occur, when a translating software is used, as these softwares go with the first matching word they can find and don't take other uses of a word and grammatical differences into consideration.

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