Good night!

I went to a certain Swedish furniture store chain in Düsseldorf today, and I know that everytime I go there I also buy something.

This time round, though, it was planned from the start that I spend some money there. I was looking for a new bed.

You see, the single bed I'm sleeping in is over 12 years old. It's really more of a couch than a bed and I can't exchange the matress, which is far from comfy by now. Also, I finally want some more space. The problem is, that my flat is pretty small and a double bed doesn't really fit - well, it DOES fit, but I won't be able to reach my desk.

Anyway. I first went to a furniture store called "Trends", looking for a sofa or bed. My mum suggested, I get a single bed which has a pull out matress underneath... 2 beds next to each other but on different levels... Thanks, but I think she missed the point.

So, in the end, I decided on this:

I haven't put it together yet and I think I'll wait till June to actually put it up. After all, I need to organise the pick up of my old bed and I need some time and space to work on it. I'm going back to the UK next weekend and I'll be quite busy tomorrow. But I can't wait to finally sleep on my new bed!!!

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