Marge goes Playboy

She has just turned 20, and boasts an hour-glass figure. Despite having three children (a rude and mischievous ten-year-old called Bart, a smart and sensible eight-year-old called Lisa and a baby called Maggie who has already been a murder-suspect), being a strict mother and having yellow skin and blue, curly hair, she has many male admirers the world over. Now, America's favourite TV mum is set to disrobe for the well-known Playboy magazine.

Marge Simpsons, the matriarch of The Simpsons, is the first-ever cartoon character to appear in Hugh Hefner's magazine - let alone on the front cover! Her "strip" is part of a public relations offensive, celebrating the 20th anniversary of America's longest-running TV sitcom. According to The Independent, a Playboy spokesperson stated that Marge Simpson granted the magazine an interview, which will appear next to three pages of portraits that are "sexy" and feature "implied nudity".
Playboy magazine is hoping to attract more younger readers with this PR stunt. CEO Scott Flanders, told the Chicago Sun-Times that Marge's cover shoot is "obviously somewhat tongue-in-cheek. It has never been done before and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual."

The magazine hits the stands next month as a limited collector's edition. Subscribers will receive their magazines with human playboy bunny on the cover.

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