200 years of Solinger Tageblatt

In 2009, the Solinger Tageblatt, the local paper I write for at home in Germany, celebrated its 200th anniversary.

While I was doing work experience there, a promotional video was shot to capture the Tageblatt today and give a bit of the publication's history as well. Today, this video was posted on Facebook.

I remember, that while they were filming it, a news conference was held and all staff reporters were asked to attend. However, local editor Andreas Baumann and editor-in-chief Stefan M. Kob insisted that I should attend as well. After all, I was already working freelance for them at the time as well, getting published on the youth page Karl. and covering the odd out-of-hours story for the local section.

And yes, you have guessed it right: Sequences of this news conference made it into the video, and can be seen from 8:27 minutes onwards. But the best thing is:

At 8:32, I'm in the shot, on the very left, wearing the purple / checkered blouse! I guess that I've just gone into the ST history book as a staff member ;)

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