Upper Second

I still can't really believe it: I finished my B.A. (Hons) Travel Journalism with Upper Second Class Honours!!!! That's right - I got a 2:1!

I think what impressed me most was the 65 I got for my Final Project, travel magazine Shoestring. I'd wanted to create the magazine for years and knew I was likely to be marked down because I took controversial decisions, like bleeding pictures to inside edges and going against British norm (but conforming with German norm!) by using double quotemarks in headlines. To come out with 65 is great!!

My 16.000 word double dissertation "How do travel magazines define their readership and how does their style and content reflect this? An analysis of the travel market" got me 63.

In Newspaper Production, I guess the main module for journalism, I even got 66! But the biggest surprise was Professional Development. For my Guardian-front page styled CV, as well as a work experience report and career goal analysis, my tutor gave me 76!!

I had the overall result of 2:1 confirmed by phone a while ago. However, for no logic reason at all, all the Travel Journalism result letters were lost in the post - twice. So I finally got my result emailed to me. After all, I will graduate on Friday, so knowing individual grades is nice.

Since we didn't get any feedback on any of the modules during the entire third year, this could have gone either way. Especially since I had to improve slightly from Year Two. But I managed it!! This calls for celebration!

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