Love is in the air

Thank God it's the holidays!! I am sooo glad I don't have to go back to uni for another week, because that place really knows how to depress me! I usually spend my holidays doing nothing or catching up on things I meant to be doing a long time ago... like working on my scrapbook or updating my contacts list or writing this blog. Not these Easter holidays, though!

To start off, I spent a great weekend in Southport with my boyfriend, and he took me to Blackpool as I'd never been before! We went up the Tower, on a Ferris Wheel and I even taught him how to dance the Slow Waltz in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom! I didn't want to have to leave!

When I got back to Carlisle, the house (especially the kitchen) was in a state you wouldn't believe! It was seriously disgusting. And I'm sick and tired of having to clean up after my housemate!
I tried my best to make the kitchen and bathroom look half-decent, which didn't really work.

My sister and my best friend from Germany came to visit me on Monday!! It was the first time, anyone from home has visited me in Carlisle, although I have been living here for one and a half years now! The house came as a shock to them, but other than that they really liked their stay. I rented a car and took them round the Lake District and Keswick, and to Lanercost Priory and Birdosald Roman Fort along Hadrian's Wall, as well as into Scotland at Gretna Green! They tried a traditional English Breakfast, we went to Carlisle Castle and especially my sister enjoyed a shopping spree in Carlisle. My best friend wanted to try and see whether he'd understand a movie in ENglilsh, so we went to the cinema and saw "The Boat that rocked" (review to follow!). We went out to the pubs and to TC's Nightclub and we had a great but tiring time. They've just left, and I have a couple of hours to myself to breathe. Now I have to tidy up, do my laundry etc. I've got to work tomorrow afternoon.

However, on Sunday morning, I will go down to Chester to meet up with my boyfriend again! I'll be spending the week with him and it will be the longest time we've spent together yet! Usually, we only see each other every 2-3 weeks from Friday evening until Sunday lunchtime. Although he will have to work (and I will have to do some work for uni as well) we'll be trying to make the most of it! While he is at work, I will catch the bus or train to some cities in North Wales and have a look around. And as it's his day off on Wednesday, we will catch the ferry and go across to Dublin and spend the day in Ireland. Just because we can! I can't wait!
For once I really feel alive!

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